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Syrian Insanity


SODOM & GOMORRAH: John McCain has been hailed as one of the most sensible and moderate politicians in Congress. His recent statements about Syria demonstrate that Congress, public opinion, and the so-called center are irredeemable.

Arizona Senator John McCain called on the United States to aid Syrian rebels in their quest to overthrow President Bashar Assad's government. "Right now we should be finding ways to help the people who are being slaughtered as we speak," the senator said on CNN. "The massacre goes on, artillery shilling - there's no legitimacy left in the Assad regime. So we can work with other countries to provide assistance in a broad variety of ways."

Syria has been in turmoil for months as protesters attempt to overthrow the Assad regime while the incumbent government struggles to retain power. McCain says that the United States should do something to help the rebels, suggesting that such aid can come in the form of weapons, military equipment, or communication gear. The White House says that it won't rule out such assistance. Press secretary Jay Carney said on Wednesday that they would prefer a political solution, but would do what they must to help the Syrian people "transition to democracy."

This past Friday, two suicide bombers exploded themselves at security compounds in Aleppo, killing 28. The attack struck an industrial center that has largely stood by Assad. The blasts tore through the headquarters of the Military Intelligence Directorate and a barracks for the Security Preservation forces. Captain Ammar al-Wawi of the Free Syrian Army denied involvement. His fighters were engaged in a firefight with government troops several hundred yards from the Directorate just an hour before.

I take the opinion of Lawrence Auster and Daniel S who suggest that the rebels were in fact behind the attack. The fact that the rebels were engaged in a gun fight discredits the Western press' and politicians' story of a defenseless Syrian public (as both sides have guns). Further, the West recently supported Libyan rebels in their efforts to topple their government, despite the glaring fact that the rebels were recruiting child soldiers to participate in the uprisings.