On September 17, America Will Swarm

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The Swarm is coming to our shores on September 17. We know this because the revolutionaries have said that they will occupy Wall Street on that date and that they will operate as a swarm.



You can read about the upcoming swarm here or by reading the latest tweets on the #occupywallstreet hashtag. Revolutionaries will continue to use disruptive means to attack the existing order.  The lessons for the Right are twofold.




First, the Right must understand that the current order is extremely fragile.  Democracies die through bankruptcies and, while many on the Right are not friendly to democracy, it would be foolish to stand by or support efforts at creating chaos.  If revolution is a force of evil, then we should expect that only the most evil people will be able to win in the ensuing struggle.  Revolutions must be opposed and stopped; the Right must always attempt to use tactics that aren’t evil.  Restorus was started on the belief that bringing members of the Right together to discuss and build a positive program would help curb the revolutionary impulse that exists currently.  Once the energy and hype die down, the average person will be left confused and looking for answers.  They won’t find answers from the media, politicians, or most of their churches.  We can at least start providing those answers, and the Right needs to begin by doing more to show people that “occupying Wall Street” won’t solve their problems.




Second, the current order probably won’t stand.  When we say “order” we talk about what counts as politically and spiritually legitimate.  As this author hinted in his recent article on seasteading, the current system of legitimacy is corrupt.  If the only argument that exists to defend it is that it’s “the worst system beside all the others” we should simply be motivated to find something – anything – that is marginally better.  Currently, authority is considered legitimate if it’s liberal.  It does not necessarily need to be democratic (this was the lesson of WWII when popular government used the miracle of modern technology to systematically kill millions of innocent people), it just needs to support liberal ideas.  Those are the same ideas the Right is attempting to fight, but it will fail unless we first identify a new source of legitimacy and second find the most effective way at persuading people to adopt it.