Occupy Wall Street a Flop

watchingfrogsboil, Flickr.

watchingfrogsboil, Flickr.

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The press didn’t pick up on the Day of Rage nonsense until after it fizzled. We gave you a heads up last month.

For some time, Restorus.org has been tracking what we term “the swarm”. Our argument has been that the revolutionaries act as a decentralized swarm instead of within a centralized program. This is why it’s futile to try to identify any leader or central director; there simply isn’t one. All that exists is a common spirit, which is the spirit of destruction that the locust carries with it.

The risk for these swarms is that they really do lack central direction. Their strength is simultaneously their weakness, and when it came to the recent Wall Street swarm, their lack of direction led to their downfall.

Using a mix of traditional American rhetoric, which no one will report on (many of the protesters wanted a second American Revolution and chose September 17 because that was the day the Constitution was signed, they wanted to do away with “crony capitalism” just as Sarah Palin wants to, etc.), and anarchist messages, the group never had a clear idea why they were gathering. In fact, the Wall Street demonstrations were designed to get people together so they could decide what they wanted.

A mob of people disgruntled about “the system” does not a revolution make. A mob of people that can’t even agree to behave like a mob is worse than a revolution, it’s a pitiful failure. The Right should take comfort in knowing that the insurrection’s tweet is larger than its bite – sad, considering the character limit on tweets.