Anti-Godwin’s Law Proposed in Israel

Source: AFP. The protest that started it all.

Source: AFP. The protest that started it all.

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The fascists are at it again.

It may soon become a crime in Israel to compare people to Nazis. The bill that’s currently being considered would impose a fine up to $25,000 and six months in jail for criticizing people by making mention of Nazis, the Holocaust, and using Nazi symbolism in a purpose other than teaching, documentation, or research.

Cabinet ministers passed the bill Monday, sending it to parliament for final review. The bill was written in response to ultra-Orthodox demonstrations that dressed young boys as concentration camp inmates. The protestors also have called the police Nazis.

Civil rights groups have criticized the bill saying that it infringes on people’s freedom of expression.

Godwin’s Law states that any online argument or discussion that continues long enough will result in some comparison to Naziism. Sometimes referred to as the Reductio ad Hitlerium, this argument has been a mainstay of internet discourse for several years. It’s quite clear to me that the Nazis in the Israeli parliament would essentially stifle all online discourse with the bill, not to mention the other implications for free expression.