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Droning On and On

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The problem with drones is that they impersonalize killing.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced that four American citizens have been killed in drone strikes since 2009. In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, Holder mentioned that the United States used a drone to specifically ...

NIRA New Deal

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Propaganda is interesting to look at, even (or especially) after the fact. This video made of Hollywood's support of NIRA, the New Deal, and Roosevelt's other economic policies is almost...fascistic.

Syrian Opposition Claims Government has Chemical Weapons

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The Syrian opposition continues to send envoys to the United Nations in hopes of attaining help in the struggle against their government.

Revolutionary forces are trying a new method. By claiming that the Syrian government possesses and has used biological weapons against its people, the opposition hopes to ...

SOPA Wasn't Enough: Now There's CISPA

SODOM & GOMORRAH: The American House of Representatives silently and quickly voted in favor of a new bill called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA).

Last year, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), two copyright enforcement bills, inspired thousands of sites to ...

Boston Bombing Suspect Apprehended

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Though in critical condition, the last living suspect in the Boston bombing case has been apprehended. He is currently unable to speak but is reportedly able to write.

His aunt, an attorney from Russia, feels this is a frame job and does not trust the evidence provided by ...

Chavez Holds Power in Venezuela Beyond the Grave

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Following Hugo Chavez's unfruitful struggle against cancer, his appears to be the faction firmly in charge of Venezuela.

Elections were held. Elections are always held. After a "close vote", Nicolas Maduro, a friend of the late Chavez, was declared the president. Violence erupted as protestors clashed ...

Thoughts and Prayers to Boston

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Three explosions went off in Boston during the marathon. Thoughts and prayers to the runners, fans, and families of those there.

Far from shocked at such acts, we merely reflect at how persistent and heinous the forces of chaos truly are. It is tragic that this should strike at all, much less at an event where people celebrate  the conquest of ourselves in the pursuit of a an external noble goal.

No firm word on who is responsible yet. Personally I sense an individual at work; a group would have owned it by now.

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral to be Held

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Margaret Thatcher, the only female Prime Minister to have held office in Great Britain, passed away earlier this week. To mark the solemn event, more than 700 members of Britain's armed forces will play a role in the ceremonies.

David Cameron, the current head of the ...