Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral to be Held

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral to be Held

roberthuffstutter, Flickr.

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Margaret Thatcher, the only female Prime Minister to have held office in Great Britain, passed away earlier this week. To mark the solemn event, more than 700 members of Britain’s armed forces will play a role in the ceremonies.

David Cameron, the current head of the Conservative Party and the Prime Minister confirmed that Margaret Thatcher’s funeral will honor her role as a war-time leader. Thatcher, who is famously credited with helping to end the Cold War, also successfully defended the Falkland Islands against Argentina’s forces.

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral will begin with the coffin being taken by hearse to St. Clement Danes in the Strand. There the coffin will be carried on a gun carriage by six horses, accompanied by a sergeant, and officer, and three dismounted foot troops. Members of the Honorable Artillery Company are set to fire processional rounds from the Tower of London.

When her body finally reaches St. Paul’s Cathedral, it will be greeted by several members of the serving armed forces. The steps of that great church will be lined by 18 members, divided into three groups of six to represent the Royal Air Force, the Blues and Royals, and the Royal Navy. Also represented at the site will be the Chelsea Pensioners, the Royal Marines, the First Batallion Welsh Guards, and the F Company Scots Guards.

Margaret Thatcher’s funeral will mark a solemn remembrance of the Iron Lady who was famous for doing battle with labor unions and communists alike.

Elf Boulder to be Moved

Keebler. These kinds live in trees though, not boulders.

Keebler. These kinds live in trees though, not boulders.

SODOM & GOMORRAH: Sometimes I wish other countries’ politics were this exciting. Also, sometimes I wish reality didn’t mirror The Onion.

Árni Johnsen, an MP for Iceland’s Independence Party, has made arrangements to relocate a giant boulder to his home Höfðaból in the Westman Islands. Johnsen believes that the boulder is home to three families of elves, which he first encountered in 2010.

While driving an SUV through Sandskeið on Hellisheiði in southwest Iceland, Johnsen had a fairly serious car accident and his vehicle landed near the giant boulder some 40 meters from the highway. The boulder would reportedly be damaged or moved during a highway project, so Johnsen decided to arrange for it to be moved near his home after consulting with an elf expert.

The expert was stunned by the boulder, saying that she had never seen three families live in one dwelling like this. Johnsen and the expert concluded that the elves would be happy with the move so long as the “window side” of the boulder had a decent view.

Johnsen also plans to move the elves in a basket made of sheepskin while their stony home is transported by ferry. He intends to place the stone near a grassy area since the elves intend to raise sheep once they get settled in.

All in all, Johnsen is quite lucky. This group of elves apparently prevented serious accident, while other groups in Iceland have taken to sectarian violence when humans come too close to their homes.

More Children Born Outside of Marriage

jcoterhals, Flickr.

jcoterhals, Flickr.

SODOM & GOMORRAH: We have likely reached the point of no return for the American family. More women under 30 are giving birth to children outside of marriage than not.

The New York Times touts it as the “new normal.” For the first time, more than half of the women in the United States under 30 are having children born outside of marriage. Child Trends, a Washington-based research group analyzed government data and found that the fastest growth in out-of-wedlock births has occurred among white women in their 20s who have some college education, but no four-year degree.

59% of mothers of all ages were married when they had children according to 2009 data. But there has been a very large surge of young mothers having children born outside of marriage. Close to 70% of children born in the United States are born to women under 30. The surge of children born outside of marriage to mothers under 30 marks a very stark decline in American society.

Marriage has effectively been ruined. The social atomization caused by the influence of hedonistic ideologies is creating a generation of people who float through a series of relationships that lack any real commitment. The Times suggests that the root problem is a lack of education, but researchers have long ago pointed out that higher education is correlated with lower birthrates overall.

Children are being adversely impacted. Researchers have consistently demonstrated that children born outside of marriage are more likely to be poor, fail out of school, and suffer behavioral problems.

The trend is clear. The lower class in America are continuing to have children born outside of marriage. The upper class are continuing to have fewer and fewer children. The future is one full of a small group of rich, stable people educated in progressive schools and a mass of poor people kept out of stable, public life.